Welcome! My goal is to help you improve your body and health by weeding out all of the bogus fluff out there in the fitness world today. And there’s a lot of it! With falsehoods circulating rampantly, it’s become hard to complete even the first step in any new program: set realistic goals and have realistic expectations. Let’s be real–even with every steroid and peptide compound known to man, there’s no way you’re going to go from soft and chubby with 12″ biceps to ripped and shredded with 22″ biceps in 30 days. So forget it! The good news is: you CAN and WILL see some noticeable improvements in 30 days if you put in some effort and be realistic, and you’ll see even more improvements in 60 days and 90 days and so on and so on and so on. It really is up to you how much you want to change and how far you want to go, and I’m here to support you along this exciting, challenging, and rewarding journey!

Besides writing on fitness and nutrition, fiction calls my name from time to time. There will also be discussions on life–being a father to a beautiful little girl, a husband to an amazing wife, and other things we encounter each day that might spur a brainstorm and some opinionated writing–work, sex, politics. Believe me when I say: Nothing is off limits.




Are you tired of being overwhelmed with brain-consuming, so-called “scientific” jargon while being underwhelmed with results? That changes now.

“Results Only: The No-BS Guide to a Better Body” simplifies the science of building a better body—body mechanics, nutrition, training, supplements, and even steroids—into ordinary terms and leaves all unnecessary information out so you can focus on your goals and actions to get there.

There is a better body out there and this book will help you acquire it.