“Micheli is reminiscent of a vintage Bret Easton Ellis here, although I dare say even darker in the way his characters passively self-medicate and indulge in the delights of teenage flesh without protection or concern of consequence. Smut is a novel that definitely delivers on its namesake.”—Brandon Tietz, author of Good Sex, Great Prayers
“With a title like Smut, you get everything that is promised—dark and deviant sexual encounters, violence with little regret, and an uneasy tension as you fall down the rabbit hole chasing one ghost after another. Not for the faint of heart, this glance into the inner workings of one man, who is hell bent on destruction, should come with plastic gloves, a condom, and a shot of penicillin.”—Richard Thomas, author of Staring Into the Abyss
 “Micheli is the type of writer who just doesn’t fuck around. His writing is so honest and stark, you don’t know whether to curl up and cry or punch an old lady, so you do both. Then you go to jail. But it’s worth every second.”—H. L. Nelson, Founding Editor of Cease Cows Magazine
On the outside, Sam has it all: money, good-looks, youth. His life is fueled by an endless supply of drugs, alcohol, sex–anything and everything to keep his mind off of what he struggles to keep hidden away: a troubled past as well as recurring disturbing psychotic visions. Strange things begin to happen to Sam causing his diagnosed anxiety to grow into paranoia. To make things worse, brutally mutilated bodies are being discovered around the city and no one seems to care.Experiencing what it is to come full-fledge into adulthood–love, lust, loss, rejection, denial–Sam realizes money and good looks aren’t everything and sometimes what you’re running from is closer than you think.

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